APS Students Earn Prestigious Daniels, Boettcher Scholarships
Posted on 06/18/2024
Collage showing Daniels Scholar Layla Goshorn on the left, Boettcher Scholar Mooku Paw on the right

For members of the APS Class of 2024, the hoopla and excitement of graduation have started to fade and now it’s time to focus on the future. That future looks incredibly bright for two graduates who earned the most prestigious scholarships in the state.

 Layla Goshorn (pictured left) from Rangeview High School was awarded the Daniels Fund Scholarship which covers the full cost of attending partner schools in Colorado and several neighboring states. Layla will attend Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins.

 Layla’s path toward postsecondary success has certainly come with some significant bumps. She said her home life was always hectic since she is one of eight children. Plus, some members of her family have battled addiction and mental health challenges. Her experiences inspired her to study psychology at CSU with a goal of becoming a pediatric occupational therapist.

 Speaking about receiving her scholarship, Layla said, “It is unbelievable honestly! I am beyond blessed and grateful to be named a Daniels Scholar. It made me believe that what I want to pursue is worth it and not only going to help people, but is going to help change lives, and that is honestly all that matters to me!”

 Mooku Paw (pictured right) from Hinkley High School was named a 2024 Boettcher Scholar. As a Boettcher Scholar, she’ll receive $80,000 over four years to attend college in Colorado. She will attend the University of Colorado Boulder.

 Mooku’s story starts halfway around the world where she was born in the Mea La refugee camp on the border of Myanmar and Thailand. In 2007, her family immigrated to the United States and struggled to adapt to a new culture and language.

 Mooku recalls being at a doctor’s office with her mother when she was young and neither of them spoke English. They tried to ask for an interpreter in their native Karen language, but the nurse thought they were saying “Korean.” She was disheartened to see a lack of representation for the Karen people in healthcare. Since then, she has dedicated herself to studying medicine and plans to become a pediatric oncologist.

 “I want to be the representation for my people and younger generations in the healthcare industry. My ethnicity and my people have motivated me to do more and better with the opportunities that I am given in America. I am honored to be Karen and encouraged to share who I am,” Mooku said.

 Aurora Public Schools is thrilled to see the success of these two students and all of the Class of 2024! A total of 1,185 graduates earned scholarships totaling more than $24 million.