Students Plan for the Future with Career Trek
Posted on 11/01/2023
Students at Career Trek practice medical techniques on a mannequin

Searching for an airway to help save a life. Piecing together the pistons of a four-cylinder engine. Brushing the wing of a feathered friend. It’s all happening at Career Trek!

The career exploration fair put on by Aurora Public Schools’ College and Career Success team aims to deepen middle schoolers’ understanding of jobs available within their communities. Where this exhibition stands out is in its execution: students get hands-on interaction with what could be their future dream job. Everything from donated organs to museum-quality artwork is literally at their fingertips.

Not only is the experience interactive enough to spark students’ attention, but it’s showcased at a pivotal time in terms of guiding their goals for high school and beyond. All part of the APS plan, according to Junho Doo, College and Career Success’ Employer Engagement Coordinator.

A student feels the feathers of an owl wing.“It’s important for our students to start engaging with and developing their plans early,” said Doo. “Our elementary students are identifying what they want to do or what they’re interested in. Middle schoolers are now able to explore deeper. So we’re really developing our students in a strategic way.”

That strategy is already paying off for Piper Jankovich, an 8th grader at Aurora Quest K-8. Her interest in the medical field was only strengthened by her experience at Career Trek.

“I had a lot of fun looking at all of the medical programs through (Colorado University at) Boulder,” said Piper. “Lung surgeons, anesthesiologists, tissue donors – it was all very interesting!”

A special thanks is due to our community partners who share their industry expertise. Your continued involvement keeps our kids’ enthusiasm for learning growing. It’s proof that when we come together, the future belongs to everyone!