The Division of Support Services creates, maintains and enhances environments that support 21st century learning.


Division of Support Services Direction Team Photo. Please read the caption below to read the name of staff members below.

Back row: Casey Powell, Director of Athletics & Activities; Josh Hensley, Planning Coordinator; Craig Lyle, Chief Operating Officer; Kevin Childs, Director of Safety & Security and Caleb Tobin, Director of Construction Management & Support

Front row: Luis Arroyo, Director of Maintenance & Operations; Judy Goos, Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer and Janet Ulrich, Director of Transportation Services


Support Services Mission Statement

Our job is to work with stakeholders to create and maintain safe, clean, adaptable, equitable and highly functional school, work and transportation environments that accelerate learning for every APS student every day.

Support Services Core Values

  • Know and understand the business of education.
  • Demonstrate exemplary customer service every day.
  • Be fiscally responsible, strategic, and tactical with our
    resources by continuously analyzing and improving
    our business processes and utilizing data to drive
    optimal decision making.
  • Know what our customers need by providing opportunities for open communication and feedback and respond based on priority and resources.

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Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."- Theodore Roosevelt