Pay Day is the last working day of the month

Per Policy APS Code DKA-R:
Direct deposit to any financial institution/credit union is required for all employees hired after September 1, 1994, and will be required for all employees effective September 1, 1995. Posting of the net amount of earnings is on payday

Pay SignNOTE: Effective July 5, 2022, employees will enter W-4 and direct deposit changes/additions using the Oracle Cloud Pay icon by the 15th of the effective month. Please click on link below to access the new Oracle Cloud Pay Method and W-4 Training Materials:

Access the Oracle Cloud Pay Method and W-4 Training Materials

Viewing Pay Statements Online

Employees should review their pay statements monthly to ensure accuracy.

  • Pay statements (Payslips) effective July 29, 2022 are available to employees in Oracle Cloud under the Pay icon, then My Payslips.
  • If employees need a pay statement prior to July 1, 2022, please contact the Payroll Office by emailing [email protected] or calling 303-365-5814.

Oracle Cloud Payslips icon

Learn how to View, Download and Print Payslips in Oracle Cloud

Access Oracle Cloud Here

W-2 Preparation 

Beginning January 31, 2023, employees will access their 2022 W-2 and future years ADP W-2 Management Services. Read the document below on how to register and log in to ADP W-2 Services.