Early Childhood Education in Aurora Public Schools

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Aurora Public Schools Early Childhood Education Department is:

"To provide the foundational opportunities that ensure all early childhood learners will engage in and benefit from their experiences to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to reach high levels of learning for future success"

We do this by:

  • Ensuring quality preschool programming where all stakeholders (state, county, community, district, schools, and families) form reciprocal partnerships to provide preschool to children of all abilities and backgrounds.
  • Delivering instruction that is facilitated by highly qualified and highly effective teaching staff.
  • Providing programming that is child-centered and based on solid research practices.
  • Using a curriculum aligned to state standards, state developmental guidelines and is responsive to student needs.

aurora public schools early childhood education staff group photo

Early Childhood Education Staff

Cynthia Cobb,

Cynthia Cobb, Director, ECE
[email protected]

To contact staff members below, dial 303-326-2000 and the extension.

Assistant to the Director
Jessica Loren
Jessica Loren
[email protected]
Ext. 28971

Department Secretary
Wendy Orduna
Wendy Orduna
[email protected]
Ext. 28950

Student Registration/Enrollment
Wendy Morales
Wendy Morales

[email protected]
Ext. 28979

Jasmin Hernandez ECE Clerk Jasmin Hernandez
[email protected]
Ext. 28978

ECE Consultants
Lea White
Lea White, Consultant
[email protected]
Ext. 29232

Kiersten Van Der Kwast EL Consultant
Kiersten Van Der Kwast, Consultant

[email protected]
Ext. 29265

Temisha Elliott EL Consultant
Temisha Elliott, Consultant
[email protected]

Amy Lovell EL Consultant
Amy Lovell, Consultant
[email protected]
Ext. 28366

Child Find/Exceptional Student Services

Special Education Coordinator

[email protected]
Ext. 29022

Chrystal Rosin
Special Education Secretary
[email protected]
Ext. 29083

Child Find Coordinator

Child Find Secretaries
Carmen Santiago
[email protected]
Clerk (Child Find)