Planning Department ResponsibilitiesRolled Construction Plans

New Residential Development

  • Development tracking
  • New development analysis
  • Attendance area analysis
  • New facility needs
  • Negotiate new school sites with developers
  • Facilitate school site dedication
  • Manage cash-in-lieu of school land dedication
  • Coordinate with COA on new developments

Facility Planning

  • School capacity
  • Traffic analysis
  • Safe walk area analysis
  • Facility build out projections
  • Overcrowding strategies
  • Mobile move analysis
  • 10-year capital plan
  • Future school sites
  • Analysis impact of new proposed programs
  • Facilitate ESS center-based program facility requirements

GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Map Image

  • Maintain district GIS data
  • Geocoding student data
  • Maintaining district maps
  • Creating specialized maps
  • Staying current with GIS technology
  • Connecting GIS to other district information systems
  • Creating user-friendly GIS to assist with the
    strategic mission and decision support

Data and Information Requests and Reporting

  • Maps
  • Address lookup
  • School feeder system
  • Demographic and projection data requests from
  • surrounding district and community groups
  • Committee and community data requests
  • Annual planning update to district leadership and BOE
  • Consult with COA on city development plans

Enrollment Projections

  • October count analysis
  • Annual enrollment projections
  • 5 year enrollment projections
  • Build out enrollment projections
  • Small area enrollment projections

Student Demographics

  • US Census/ American Community Survey
  • Student mobility
  • Socio-demographic characteristics of enrollment
  • Enrollment trends
  • Socio-demographic projection
  • Individual school analysis

Real Estate Management

  • Maintain real estate records
  • Coordinate appraisals as needed
  • Coordinate title updates on district properties
  • Facilitate property transactions
  • Maintain district property database
  • Analyze future property needs