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Communicative and cultural competency in more than one language is essential for success in the modern world. Aurora Public Schools (APS) world language students will increase their communicative abilities and their cultural literacy through spontaneous, real-world communication opportunities and cultural investigation


The mission of the APS World Language Program is to provide opportunities for students to develop proficiency and communication skills in a target language, as well as an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, in order to participate effectively in a multilingual, multicultural society.


  • Cultivate communicative and literacy-based skills in the target language for interaction in a variety of settings for multiple purposes.
  • Develop cultural competency and understanding through investigation, reflection, and comparison of target cultures and languages for participation in a multilingual, multicultural world.
  • Connect with other disciplines through access and evaluation of information in the target language.


World Language Instruction in APS is based on the following core documents:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School